TV 2023 May-August

Ten10-JazzFunkSoul Show Episode 1 - 25th May 2023

Eddie Bullen - Avent Garde
Jeremy Sean Hector - Night Flight
Courtenay Frazer - Are You With Me
Samuel Williams - Sunshine
Prity Bernike - Exodus
Lyman Lipke - 347455
Timothy Baron Authorized - No Loitering
The Freaky Friday Jailhouse Gang - Buff Giraffe
Black Nova - Ricardo Love Funk Solo
Darmin De'flern - 347455

Ten10-Diverse Show Episode 46 - 23rd May 2023

Tetsuians - So It Go's
Effy - Lights
Sam Polwart - When It Rains
MEDJAY - Lady Of The Nile
Ian Kennard - Shut The Factory Down
Denny Von Braun - Figure Skater
Mike Linder - Life Without Thunder
Carley Arrowood - Tsali's Run
Tone Travelers - What It Takes
Steve Andrews - Mother Natures Rap
Darmin De'flern - Besotted
Mark Storey - Heartbreak Hotel

Ten10-AfroBeats Show Episode 1 - 22nd May 2023

Zeeter Oliver - Shy
Nevik Wright - LOL
Black Nova - Don't Cry
King Morgan - Sorry Sorry
Justice Thoronka - Tin Tranger
Stuntman - Ready fi' d Road
Chrissy2cute - Seasons Changed
Chen Phen - The Vibe
Slay Mayas - Confessional

Ten10-Diverse Show Episode 45 - 18th May 2023

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Dawn Gibson - Pathetic Little Beggar
Bridgey - Skeletons
The Goodstock Project - The Rain
Partinico Rose - Rebuild
Colossal Street Jam - Seconds
Black Spiders - Alright Alright Alright
Will Ludford - All I Wanted Is You
Delphi Ravens - Phobia
Steve Andrews - Always Look So Fine
Mark Storey - Run Through The Jungle
Darmin De'flern - So Easy

Ten10-Diverse Show Episode 44 - 16th May 2023

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Rob Woods - Wave
Wolfe Glass - Only Me
Cloverhill - Leaves A Scar
Joe Deninzon - One Foot In The Next World
Freedivers - Roses
SUE - Don't Breed
Dead Chic - Les Fleurs Sechees
Zeeter Oliver - Falling
Dynnamo - Changes
JSpeaks The Poet - 2 Minute Reflection
MATD - Dreaming Of Thee
Mark Storey - Catfish Blues
Darmin De'flern - Love will Out
Steve Andrews Mother Natures Rap

Ten10-Blues Show Ep 2 - 11th May 2023

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Rich Chambers - You Ripped My Heart Apart
Mark Storey - Devil's In The Detail
Tommy Kruger - Pamela Brown
Brad James Swallow - Constant Fight
Black Nova - Aw Come On
Katja - Cold River Blues
Darmin De'flern - LA Story
Steve Andrews - Little Red Rooster
Garage Revival - Whisper In The Wind

Ten10-Diverse Show Episode 43 - 10th May 2023

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Nickel City Grundge - Bullet From The Gun
Lance Olson & Darmin De'flern - A Moment In Time
King Darius - Self Love
Nevik Wright - These Days
Tim Hopkins - Intenuous
Hootenanny Freaks - Loose It All
Tejas Sharma - Bloom
Norwegian Soft Kitten - Saturday Evening
Fourth Son South - The Cold
Marcus Valance - Raging Water

Ten10-Diverse Show Episode 42 - 9th May 2023

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Bethany Sorenson - Sunflower
The Art Crimes Band - If Only
John Michael Ferrari - Sentimental Fool
Eddy Chapman - Move It With Me
Karra Rhodes - Mines Worse
MATD - Me And My Dog
Chrystyna Marie - Loaded Gun

Ten10-Rock Show Ep 1 - 7th May 2023

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Rich Chambers - Your A Nice Guy But
Black Nova - Aries Moon (Coming Soon)
Tony The Stone - Sunday Morning
Mark Storey - Here Be Monsters
Dany Horovitz - Sorry From The Road
Hertzen - Secret Sins
Medusa Glare - Here And Now
Anubis Morrison - Nothing To Fear
Sabina Chantouria - Cry For Me
Fourth Son South - The Moon
Crash World - Black Swan
Guto Goody - Eu Me Amarro Em Voce
Terarrim - Terarrim
Stephen Williams - Safe Inside
Stevie Boyes - Nothing New
K.G Roberts - Next One Down

Ten10-Covers Show Ep 1 - 1st May 2023

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Fourth Son South - Come Together
Darmin Deflern - Hold Me In Your Arms
Steve Andrews - Stand By Me
Wal & Dion - Proud Mary
The Freaky Friday Jailhouse Gang - Tell Me Something Good
Steve Andrews - BGT Stand By Me
Mark Storey - Human


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