– Welcome to our Top Talent Music Family ‘Benny Elom’ he is special –

UK-residing Afroitalian singer-songwriter, Benny Elom is a new emerging artist in the UK R&B scene. With his newly released ethereally soulful single ‘I Do’ he unravels as an all too indulgent blend of RnB, jazz and soul, which also caught the attention of artists such as Ne-Yo.

His affably honeyed lyricism, his mesmerising vocal timbre and the sense of modernity which he brings through jazz fusion, Benny Elom’s sound is a recipe for success.

For the forthcoming project Benny Elom, influences are from Blues, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, and Highlife which he grew up listening to.

Benny Elom – “Life is an interesting journey, and I’ll tell you about mine through music”

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