Why YOU Should Join Our Top Talent Global Supportive Music Family by Sparky & K L-J

Have a look through this article and have a think about joining our Top Talent Music Family

Media, Radio & Podcast Network

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(every song introduced by fellow family members) born 21.4.2022

The Ten:10 Podcast

Our Favourite Podcast Show We Do ! This Is When We Get 10 Acts Together With Upto 10 Of Our MVPs 3-5 Times Per Week Featuring 1 Trackv From Each Artist.

This Podcast Is Something We Can Only Describe As Special.

We recommend firstly having a look through the previous Top Talent Ten:10 Podcast shows by clicking the large photo below…

1st Podcast Free For Anyone – Comes With Article Written About Occasion.

On 3-5 Time Per Week

Paid Family Members get To Come On The Show Every Month To Feature Another 1 Of Their Songs – Articles Written For Every Appearance And KLJ Shares The Members Articles Every Day Across Our Ever Growing Social Media Platforms.

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Top Talent Media (TTM)

Join our music family as a V.I.P member and get a beautifully written article put together for every song you have ever written. 

Check out examples of some of our past articles by clicking ‘This Blue Link‘ here.

V.I.P’s get at least 4 Articles every year.

We might do you one or an extra 1 as a kind gesture at certain times and all our ‘Radio‘ and ‘Podcast‘ shows are also turned into written detailed articles as per in blue links above.

(We share all our articles everyday many places)

Articles can be purchased on their own but there is incredible value in becoming a V.I.P member as it is only the price of 1 cheap beer per week. (£5 per week)

Top Talent Radio (TTR)

Join our music family from a Basic member (£1 per week) to have the option of being a radio voice over in a monthly show in your name on OUR Radio Station.

We already currently have 110 members of our music family in different locations around the world being hosts/DJ’s in our family name from Top Talent Radio Alabama to Top Talent Radio Zimbabwe.

Please check ‘This Blue Link‘ to see the list of hosts and locations as of today 4th May 2022.

We will include anyones MP3’s in 1 show here and there but to be guaranteed to be featured in every show in every country/state (and soon to be known city) in the world then you must have a Basic Membership. (£1 per week)

Here is our Radio Submission Play form.

Top Talent Podcasts (TTP)

The K L-J All-Day Podcast

This one Kirsty’s Podcast in which she does several per day.

She has 10-15 minute interviews with artists finding and documenting in an article the people themselves behind the music, K L-J wants to do this for you every 3 months and make the articles she makes about the podcasts your walking talking linktree on steroids!

Sparky’s Live Hour Podcast

This is Sparky’s baby, twice a week on a Thursday & Saturday we bring on 6 guests with 30 min sections each either performing live or having their best music screenshared for our panalists and fellow members to enjoy. (£0 charge for podcast appearances only members get to be guests more often.

We recommend firstly having a look through our previous Top Talent Ten:10 Podcast shows by clicking the large photo below…

1st Podcast Free For Anyone – Comes With Article Written About Occasion.

On 3-5 Time Per Week

Paid Family Members get To Come On The Show Every Month To Feature Another 1 Of Their Songs – Articles Written For Every Appearance And KLJ Shares The Members Articles Every Day Across Our Ever Growing Social Media Platforms.

We also recommend having a look through our previous Top Talent Live Hour Podcast shows.

Click for list of all Live Hour shows

And please also have a look through all the previous K L-J All-Day Podcast episodes.

Click for list of all K L-J All-Day shows

All our V.I.P Members will be tagged every weekday on either Instagram or Facebook in posts we make designed to get your following up be it on wall posts, newsfeed posts, shares to our many FB pages (82+) and groups.

We also like to promote your music in all our pages storylines in a rotation basis.

All our family members – All Ten:10 Podcast,  Live Hour Podcast and Showcase Perfomance’s will have individual articles written for their section in which we will add any tip jars you may have on the bottom such as SubscribeStar / Patreon on Paypal etc (Paid Members Receive This)

Potentially paid for life for appearing on our shows!

Top Talent Showcase’s – Coming Soon

And by that we mean anyone in the family wanting to and willing to perform for us in private in likeable or funny performance in which we will make into a beautiful article, add your tip jars such as SubscribeStar / Patreon and PayPal etc and share it every day in the hopes of getting you tips long after you appear on our shows.

Sparky & K L-J aim to become the Masters Of Radio

(and they will become just that)

Join from only £1 (basic) to £5 (VIP) per week for our services

  • We are a music genre neutral family welcoming all levels of musicians with open arms and aim to be your true real life friends and give you as much help as you require so please kindly read on to educate yourself and learn what we will do for you if you join our roller coaster we are building which is our Top Talent Promotions Music Family #togetherwearestrong
  • So every day we/us (Marky ‘Sparky’ Laird and Kirsty ‘KLJ’ Leslie-Jones) find ourselves spending more than half of our days explaining to potential joining parties just what our Top Talent Promotions and Global Music Family can and will do for your band or solo act
  • We have taken some time to compile this information packed article so interested parties can see in writing most of everything we will do for you

Who Are Top Talent Promotions?

A Passionate and highly driven couple from Scotland & Cornwall who will work their socks off for you thats who

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Being a ‘music family‘ Kirsty and I take great pride and put a lot of energy into trying our best to install the supportive family mindset in each and every member we have.

We have with all willing members close and personal relationships with regular zoom calls regarding their plans and we are always encouraging fellow family members to support each other.

We do much more extra free promotions for such family orientated members.

Every one of you musicians have your own fan base be it large or small (no matter the size) you have one, therefor if masterfully combined somehow we believe we can and will help all members of our family become very successful together

A serious serious mission yes we know but a mission us KLJ and Sparky are dedicating our lives to

  • We aim to help everyone make it in their music journey in life as we will never stop
  • If you feel us and what we are saying then maybe you should join our music family today 

Some of our Familys Top Ambassadors

  • Include the likes of Lee Ryan of Blue to Kirk Turnbull of QFX from Killah Priest of Wu-Tang Clan to Simon Collins the son of the legendary Phil 
  • We now have over 250 Ambassadors globally including the likes of the some of the worlds next generation of superstars such as the internet sensation bass player genius Dr Funk and his best mate the flawless electric guitarist and mean blues vocalist Cbone from Sunderland England
  • From the world class multi-instrumentalist Bjorn Briel from Minnesota to the insanely talented bass player and tutor David Pastorius the nephew of the late great Jaco Pastorius to the likes of the very very popular and special Father and Son duo
  • From the former No1 hitster and Hollywood movie director Peter Foldy to the amazing actor and rapper Harmini from Dallas Texas to name a couple we certainly are gathering many of the worlds mega talented people 
  • Shall we mention the brilliant and award winning  Sam Gilbert (founder) of Music Crowns who recently has partnered up with us and has provided us with a  short cut link for worthy artists to be shared on his platform of 4.3 million followers
  • We have hundreds of partners willing to help and we grow every single day so come join us today on ‘This Blue Link‘ as No One Will Promote You Like We Do 

  • All our Top Talent Music Family members have the option to be moderators in our pages and groups on Facebook for self promotions, some family bonding and networking etc
  • You can also have us make you a fan page or help you run your existing music page as an admin or lesser role
  • We do this now for artists such as – Silver Milliken from California in the USA – Cordless Bungee from England UK – Kassandra Levens from Cote d’Azur in the Franch Riviera – David Pastorius from Melbourne Florida and San Francisco’s  own Luna Collins page most of which we also use daily for the storyline promotions of our family members which helps them grow
  • We usually share 50+ music videos a week of our family’s latest music videos to each of our 8 growing music facebook groups (more supportive than our profiles friends)

  • Free accommodation for all our music family members on vacation in Cornwall
  • Also being best of friends with the likes of CBone and Dr Funk down here super colabs with the right individuals are a strong possibility
  • Without even trying we have partner connections in over 500 radio stations in the last 12 months with more being added every week

  • We are currently making profiles on every social media and video sharing platform in every language known to man.
  • Not forgetting our main aim for 2022 – our own music computer game made by our in house game creator Craig Snape featuring all our family artists willing to participate, we realize that our pages aren’t the biggest or are even ran anywhere near as well as they could be but please understand all this has been built in the last year and 6 months by just the two of us.

 I (Marky) have only been promoting music for the last 3 years since randomly meeting the world class musicians Christopher Hogg and Jonny Rubin (CBone & Dr Funk) from Newquay, Cornwall UK in a backpackers in Barcelona in 2019.

  • I made some videos of the lads busking and they went viral, helping change Jonny’s life in the process which made me extremely happy and proud and installed the mindset of helping musicians in mass.
  • The day i met them changed my life utterly and for the better in an instant as i was previously an electrician of 20 years with my own business back in Scotland struggling to come to the terms my 2 daughters absence in my life since 2014. 
  • I stayed on in Barcelona for 6 months helping many musicians get some video footage they hardly or never had.
  • I was invited to come help musicians in Newquay by doing the same making many videos of some unbelievably talented and unknown artists in action. 
  • Finally i met my soulmate and fellow music fanatic Kirsty and here i remain having not returned to Scotland from my planned 5-7 days short break to Barcelona in  Feb 2019.
  • I have beaten depression and worse by changing my whole life due to being able to keep my mind constantly active and busy and you know what because i love what we do my drive and passion is unrivaled.
  • Kirsty has only done this for 18 months but after meeting me she has quit her job as a bar/restaurant manager to dedicate her life also to join the cause by helping me build this amazing family.
  • Kirsty showed faith in me and is my rock and future wife she was sent to me from heaven i believe and without her none of this would of happened or be possible.  







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