Feel By The Original Willjoy


 JAN 24, 2022


From shed carpentry to red carpet’ry.

Originated from Pori Finland comes an artist who combines high belly
synths with a dash of Rock&Roll, EDM elements with a slices of Funk and
your musical stew is ready to go.

With an attitude filled vocal
performances and universal stories inside the lyrics anybody and
everybody can find a story to relate to.

Willjoy was born in the late 1980s and you can clearly hear the
influences from the decade, but with a modern twist and flavor added to

Whether it’s to make you dance or to light a candle in the dark, the
versatility of the soundscape will keep you on the edge of the seat or
jump up and down while listening.

Willjoy is a singing storyteller who takes poems, rhymes and life advice
and compiles them into songs.

Through sounds and lyrics can lift your
spirits up or get you into a deep soul search of your inner psyche.

In the rawness you can definitely hear the passion, heart and curiosity
that takes form in producing genre altering sound worlds.

“Trying to do something original and stand out from the crowd has
always been a drive of mine and music has made that possible”.

Coming from a poor blue collar family the work ethics have been
embedded into Willjoy’s workflow.

They say that the working ants can
lift up to twenty times their own body weight and for the first time in his
life Willjoy feels that it could be even more.

“I didn’t have it easy growing up, but despite that I got to try different
things in my life.

I worked in various lines of work but always felt out of

With music I felt that I had found my home through sounds and the
stages that comes with it.”

Join the journey that this music foodie started not long ago, and see what
dish will be served next.

Feel By Willjoy


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