By My Lonely by Young Promiss


 JAN 19, 2022

Young Promiss

BIO: YOUNG PROMISS (@KilluhYP), is the management behind all the achievements of Work All Day Records.She is not only growing to become multi-talented & favorable with her music but is also versatile in creative arts, marketing & self-branding.Young Promiss is a leader and natural born business person with great ethics, morals and values heavily set in place.She plans to coach others through life by demonstrating the power of unity & support. She is the blueprint of working hard with consistency.She’s a dreamer yet a full force grinder. The timing of her return to the music business is just impeccable. She’s a major highlight on many platforms and is absolutely on a never-ending rise.The meticulous work of Work All Day Records along with WAD Squad Clothing, W.A.D. Graphix, Real Spit True To Life Talk Show, & Major Salute Music Review Show is so outstanding that the non- stop growth is already extremely inevitable.

Be My Lonely – Young Promiss

The rapper Young Promiss aka “YP” has been making her way on to the music scene and making a name for herself.

Her grind is like no other, she has been in and out of the music industry for about 16 years.

She had to take a few years off due to pitfalls, but returned February 2020 going harder then ever.

After taking so much time off she began releasing a few solo projects and collab albums.

She started to build her buzz back up and landed herself 4 magazine features and over 5 online radio interviews all over the world in less than a year’s time.

“YP” said she would not be where she is at musically if it wasn’t for COVID and all the downtime, which gave her time to perfect her craft and keep making projects to keep the fans happy.

She just released a project on March 11th, 2021 called “Slick Talk Album”.

She has also been working with several artists around the US to create Collabs, EPs & more.

“YP” is always looking to network and collab with other artist.

1 year from now she envisions her label “Work All Day Records” operating as a full blown business with lots of sound distribution, shows, online shops and a couple of hot artists on the label.

Young Promiss is currently working with Blast Pop Media to bring her plan to have a global podcast.

It should be live in about a month or 2.

When asked if she would choose money or fame she said she would take the money so she could be financially free to do what her heart desires.

She would also use it to build homes for the homeless, help with poverty and hunger, help single mothers without any care for their children and donate to advance more schools to be able to educate children more thoroughly.

Latest single release- “Nothing 2 Say” out on all major platforms 

For all things Young Promiss check out her Website and follow her on the social media links below…SpotifyYoutubeFacebookInstagram

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