Golden Trees By Bert Fenber

Bert Fenber is a Euro-American poprock Singer-Songwriter whos songs uplift you and make you feel great, Kirsty Leslie-Jones and myself love him and sing along to Bert’s wonderful music everyday.

‘In his own words’ In the second half of life and therefore even better: Fenber Music. Singer-songwriter songs. Euro-American folk or poprock. The best part of life for the music of a singer-songwriter.

Featured video is Bert’s latest release ‘Golden Trees‘

“Golden Trees” is part of Bert’s first complete album “Sunray” with 11 songs, which will be released now too. He composed “Golden Trees” already in 2001 and worked on it once more in the recording studio. The complete album “Sunray” is available on all major streaming-platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc. Thank you to Pearls on Drops for her again wonderful backing vocals and her violin on the audio track. Thank you to Isabella Nolting for playing the violin in the video. And special thanks to Suzan Bachmann for being my constant inspiration. 

Golden Trees By Bert Fenber

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