The Anthem by RealAndExplicit


Uncut. Uncensored. Unapologetic.


RealAndExplicit, is bringing forth a new wave of color into the music scene.

She is breaking the barriers in the industry, delivering fresh swagger and raw rhymes.

Her alternative music style is an edgy blend of pop, rock, and trap.

Her dynamic vocals shift between alluring melodies and clever wordplay.

She is catchy and rhythmic. RealAndExplicit inspires audiences to feel something in every song.

Based in the DC Metropolitan Area, Explicit began taking music seriously in 2016 after recording her first song. She continued to release singles under the name Blu Rae, including her 2017 debut single, “Flexxin,” which became a bop in the streets of the DMV.

In 2018 she changed her name to RealAndExplicit, dropping her first EP, It’s All In The Name, in 2019.

Her head-banging single, “Champion,” was released shortly after. Comfortable onstage, RAE has appeared at events all across the DC area in venues, clubs, and showcases.

She has also travelled to perform in other major cities like New York, Atlanta, and Miami.

With many projects in the works, she is now is working on her next few singles, another EP, and a self-produced album titled, “NEVER LEFT”.

Alongside of these endeavors she is working to relaunch her clothing line, “Scallywag Apparel,” and her podcast show, “High Definition Jamz,” and a few other avenues such as jewellery and natural cosmetics.

Music is a culture of influence, and RAE believes this is what makes her impact so important.

Conscious of her influence, the frequency of her music aligns with her heart.

Her uplifting message gives audiences hope.

Regardless of how upbeat or mellow the track, her touches the soul.

Explicit has a creative imagination allowing her to see things from a deeper perspective.

As she dreams in vivid colour, pulling her bright ideas into the waking life. Bold and energetic, RealAndExplicit encourages fans to be confident in their choice of style, to dare to be different, and to stand out from the norm.

Listeners will find RealAndExplicit on all major streaming platforms.

RealAndExplicit with The Anthem

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