The Very Best Of ‘DroCole’ To Date – 26-Sep-22

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DroCole is an upcoming Hip hop artist who is gaining a growing reputation as a solid MC.

The rapper holds a cosmopolitan approach and has a good ear for gripping beats!

His music is a product of his struggles, experiences and everything else that affects him and the people around him.

“DroCole’s outstanding ability is how he manages to capture emotion in a way that exposes his inner-self, mostly character depiction through deeply articulated lyricism and how he is unapologetic about his truth.

He racks in elements of his spirituality and rhetoric about the puzzle called life.” — Takudzwa Kadzura, Zimsphere

Internet innovation has bailed out the rapper from a predicament that has devoured a lot of talent in his country of Zimbabwe.

He owes much of his strides to his online presence where an audience is not determined by geographical location.

DroCole has worked with many artists from different parts of the world.

In 2019 he was featured on “Raw Talent, Vol. 1,”  an album by French producers, Dirty Diamondz.

The same year he began working with Corp Music Records, an urban independent label based in London.

In 2020 DroCole was featured on an album by French DJ and music producer, Sonikem.

He also worked with Zambian Rap power house, Mumble Jumble.

Last year he released his debut EP entitled “Headed to the Top,” produced by Atlanta producer, JNT Hitz Productions.

Land Of The Free By DroCole DeadlyRapper

Dro’s 1st Live Hour Podcast Appearance

DroCole – Nun’ To A G
DroCole – Way Up

Dro’s 1st Ten:10 Podcast Appearance
DroCole – Positive
DroCole – Recognize

Dro’s 2nd Ten:10 Podcast Appearance
DroCole – Lonely Road
Taalib Al Haqq & DroCole – Sleeping On Myself

Dro’s 1st KLJ All-Day Podcast Appearance (coming soon)
DroCole – Born To Reign
DroCole – A Milli

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