The Very Best Of ‘Tim Consley’ To Date – 14-Sep-22

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Tim Consley

 Multi-Instrumentalist – Blue’s & Rock Musician – Sound & Mastering Engineer – Indiana USA


Tim Consley grew up in a musical household. His older brothers picked up instruments and were starting to play by the time he came along. Tim picked up his first instrument at age 7. Although his main instrument is guitar, he, also, plays bass guitar, keyboards, and drums. Though he mostly concentrates on Rock and Blues, he has played a full spectrum of genres over the last 50 yrs. Currently, he records with his brother, Bob, as Sons of MayBill, as well as by himself Previous bands include, (but not limited to), Firequest, Malleable Hearts, Sabbath7, Solid Gold, Country Sunshine, The Melodaires, and many different church worship teams.

Here are some of Tim’s best hits to date:

Train, Roll On from the album Gonna Find Me a Pillow.

My 1st Top Talent Live Hour Apperance
Go Away, Girl from the album, “Whoa, Now, Baby”
My Blue GT from the album of the same name.

It’s So Good from the album, “My Heart Is Haunted”.
Pain from the album. “Gonna Find Me a Pillow”.

Another Ten:10 Appearance
My Heart Is Haunted by the album of the same name.
Gonna Come Over off of the album, “Whoa, Now, Baby”.

Starting to Make This Place My Home

The Tim Consley Show, Top Talent Radio Indiana







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