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Best Of Joey Stuckey

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Tap For Best Of 'Mr Wonderful' Joey Stuckey
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Best Of Mark Storey

Best Of Fourth Son South

Tap For Best Of Mark 'RedBeard' Storey
Tap For Best Of 'Thee' Fourth Son South
Best Of Steve Andrews

Best Of Rich Chambers

Tap For Best Of Steve 'Bard Of Ely' Andrews
Tap For Best Of Rich 'Rock n Roll Re-Imagined' Chambers
Best Of Crash World
Best Of Tommy Kruger
Tap For Best Of 'Glen Macleod's' Crash World
Tap For Best Of Tommy 'Texas Swamp' Kruger
Best Of Brad James Swallow
Best Of DroCole
Tap For Best Of Brad 'James' Swallow
Tap For Best Of 'Zimbabwe's Own' DroCole
Best Of Cozmicsoulfire
Best Of Terry Finch
Tap For Best Of Marianne 'Cozmicsoulfire' Vedders
Tap For Best Of Terry 'Finchy' Finch
Best Of Chrystyna Marie
Best Of Liberty Silver
Tap For Best Of Chrystyna 'Ms Blues' Marie
Tap For Best Of Liberty 'Heavenly' Silver
Best Of Fiuran
Best Of Toxic Nobility 
Tap For Best Of 'Canada's Own' Fiuran
Tap For Best Of 'Ohio's Own' Toxic Nobility
Best Of Mickey Gerry
Best Of Jacob George
Tap For Best Of Mickey 'Scottish' Gerry
Tap For Best Of 'Florida's Own' Jacob George

Best Of Craig Darroch Art

Tap For Best Of Craig 'Picasso (and some)' Darroch
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From March 1st 2023
Mark Alewine (Christian/Gospel Co-Host) - Minnesota USA
Wijnand Licht (VB) (EDM Co-Host) - Netherlands
Steve Andrews (For Change Co-Host) - Portugal
Mark Storey (Blues Co-Host) - London UK
Prity Bernike (Pianists Co-Host) - Netherlands
B-Astre (For Change Co-Host) - Belgium
May Rei (EDM Co-Host) - Deutschland
Guilherme Costa (Metal & Night Of Guitars Co-Host) -Brazil
Angie M.J (Open Mic Co-Host) - Idaho USA
Brad James Swallow (Blues Co-Host) - Louisiana USA
Joey Stuckey (Music Mentor Co-Host) - Georgia USA
Craig Darroch Art (World Class Family Charcoal Artist) - Scotland
Swilly (Family Sponser/ Bands Co-Host) - Canada
Darmin De'flern (Power Balled Co-Host) - Malaysia
Katria Jael (EDM Co-Host) - New Mexico USA
Jaxon Corbett (Rap/HipHop Co-Host) Las Vegas USA
Fuse Usin (Rap/HipHop Co-Host) North Carolina USA
Eddie Bullen (Jazz/Funk&Soul Co-Host) - Toronto
Mhelyssa (Rock Co-Host) - Mexico
Peter Toussaint (Rock/Bands Co-Host) - South Africa
KLJ (Rap/Bands + Under18's Co-Host) - Cornwall
Sparky (Host All Shows) - Cornwall
Ari Lempinen (Heavy Metal Co-Host) - Finland
Cat & Charlie (Dutchess & Chairman) - Scotland
Sonja Schmidt (Family Godmother) - Deutschland
Lance Olson (Blues Co-Host) - Wisconsin USA
Stephen Williams (Open-Mic Co-Host) - Florida USA
Chrystyna Marie (Blues Co-Host) Pennsylvania USA
Rich Chambers (Rock Co-Host) Vancouver
Terry Finch (OpenMic Co-Host) London
Steve Johnson (Bands Co-Host) Wales
Zeeter Oliver (Afrobeats Co-Host) - Nigeria
aMaRo (Co-Host Open Mic) - Deutchland

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