Meet The All Star Band OCTAVISION


 Guitars & Founder – Hovak Alaverdyan 

Proud Father of the wonderfully popular 9 year old Bassist Ellen Alaverdyan Hovak is a guitar player, producer, founder and principal songwriter of OCTAVISION.

Ha shares his tutorials, gear reviews and production tips for beginners, professionals and everyone in between.

Hovak loves making videos and overall very passionate about filmmaking.

He is open for collaboration with other YouTubers in his niche, so feel free to contact him on social media.

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Vocals – Jeff Scott Soto

Jeff Scott Soto IG
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Bass Player 1 – Victor Wooten 

Victor Instagram
Victor Facebook

Bass Player 2 – Billy Sheehan 

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Keyboard – Murzo

Drums – Roman Lomtadze

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Octavision Videographers

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The new album “Coexist” is out now.

Order now at Octavision’s Website or from the streaming services in icons here..

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