Bright Eyes by Bert Fenber

Bert Fenber

Following his protest song against climate change, Bert Fenber now rocks with his optimistic and fast love song “Bright Eyes“ against our difficult times.
In a very short time, the Euro-American singer-
songwriter in the genre of pop and pop rock has published a wide range of his songs.
They are played in various radio stations in the USA, the UK and in Germany: such as BBC, Radio Luxembourg, Radio
Star FM 99 and Phoenix 98 FM .
Bert Fenber had an interview in the morning show of one of the big supermarket chains in Germany.
The known American music magazine “Tunedloud” had an article
about him and his album “Sunray”.
The hit radio of the magazine played one of his songs for one
week daily.
Bert Fenber has already shown that he is also perfectly capable of playing ballads and
even folk songs.
His new rocking song „Bright Eyes“ – it reminds of Tom Petty`s style – is the hymn of
a man to the romantic hours and times with his great love.
The song conveys optimism.
It was originally already recorded in 2001/2002 as an acoustic version.
Now, in 2002 Bert Fenber has
released it as a full pop rock version.
Most of Bert Fenber`s songs are influenced by his experiences in
the USA, they have a clear American touch.
With his advanced age and his biography he is an exception in the music business.
Like in most of his
songs, the lyrics deal with our everyday life and its highs and lows and with our society.
The driving rhythm guitars of Otto Rasche and the backing vocals of Jacqueline Weber contribute to the Bert
Fenber groove.
The catchy melody line intensifies the driving sound.
Bert Fenber ́s clear and amazing voice is an integral part of his music.
It reaches any generation.

Bert Fenber with Bright Eyes

We love you Bert Fenber
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