I’ll Have The Same by Junior Bones

Junior Bones
Melbourne-based indie rock band Junior Bones writes beautiful, resonant and emotive songs
with catchy melodies and dreamy atmospherics
Drawing influence from psych-rock, indie-pop, post-punk, and new wave, songwriter Ryan
Temby draws you in with imagery and storytelling exploring themes of reflection, experience,
morality and existentialism.
The origins of the band kicked off when Temby, unemployed and burnt out from corporate life,
had his own eat, pray, love epiphany whilst on a road trip through the Utah desert – deciding to
rescue his guitar out of storage and reconnect with his musical roots.
Temby landed at the door of long-time friend Paul Inglis (guitars/keys) after getting back on
home soil – their musical styles instantly complementary and locking back into when they
played together in Melbourne alt rock band Prettymess.
Songs were written, demo’s were
recorded and once they caught the attention of Gavin Kerr (drums), Tom Bullock (bass) and
John Baxter at Small Sanctuary Records, Junior Bones was born.
The band name came about through a flippant remark – with Temby observing that ‘this is hard
– all the good names have been taken – even the dog has a great band name’.
And in the
resulting silence that followed, the guys assumed that Junior Bones the dog probably wouldn’t
mind all that much if they named the band after him.
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Ryan Temby – vocals, guitars
Paul Inglis – guitars, keys, vocals
Gavin Kerr – drums, samples
Tom Bullock – bass

Junior Bones with I’ll Have The Same

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