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Folk, Rock & Country 

Vince Bello is a rising singer/songwriter, based in the Toronto area. 

He combines the influences of rock, folk, and country in writing his own music. At twenty-two, he has already performed packed solo shows at notable venues such as the Danforth Music Hall, Toronto’s Opera House, and the CNE bandshell. 

In 2018, Vince released his second single “Get to Know You” which has over 18’000 streams to date. He has self-produced a variety of singles which can be found on streaming services everywhere.

Vince is currently working on a new EP which is expected to release in the early summer of 2021 

Playing for you now is Vince’s beautiful song ‘Get To Know You’

Little Bit More Of Vince Bello Anyone?

Beats Promo On Shalom World

Deepest Desires By Vince Barrese

“God has a big part in my music.”

These are the words of a young Catholic singer and songwriter Vince Barrese, who shares his divine experience in music.

Watch him sing in all his glory and be inspired to praise!

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Become immersed in the beautiful music by Vince Barrese, who was born and raised in Osawa of Ontario Canada and has been playing and writing music since he was 9 years old.

Seeing music as a very simplistic and universal concept, Vince believes that music acts a very easy method to enter the hearts and minds of listeners and to bring them back to the Lord and how he discovered that his deepest desire was to love the Lord with all his heart, mind and soul.

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