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Named by the Malinke people, the Djembe, which means to gather everyone in peace, is played to tell an emotional story. 

Sahab Habibi does just this by reaching people’s hearts and souls every time he beats the drum.

His passion for drumming began at an early age, being exposed to the sweet sounds of his mother’s voice paired with the rhythmic beats of a drum.

He always enjoyed playing and committed to learning the art of percussion many years ago which opened his mind to a world where rhythm enriches life.

Sahab has performed for thousands of crowds since 2009.

From small gatherings to huge audiences such as Digital Dreams, Beach Club Festival and international stages, Sahab has entertained thousands of people with performances and collaborations with a variety of performers including musicians and dancers all across North America.

From Los Angeles to New York and back to his home- town of Toronto, there are no plans to slow down with the unique style of his performances and new and innovative shows constantly changing.

The horizons are forever broadening.

Each and every performance is geared specifically to each unique crowd and always gets the guests energetic and moving.

His exceptional talent and love for art in combination with his passionate and vibrant character allow him to not only deliver performances that audiences love but to truly connect with the crowd while doing so.

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, Music Festival, Concerts or within his drumming circle, his mind, body and spirit commit to the beat and don’t stop for hours.

Sahab Habibi – The Experience


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