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New Artist Spotlight is an international network of music artists devoted to helping new musical talent! We’re a grassroots team of hundreds of independent artists from around the world who work together to promote each other through listening to fellow NAS member’s music, social media shares, feature interviews, artists reviews, podcasts, a Top 20 list voted on by our artists and announced each month on multiple radio stations, and much, much more. We have playlists on all major platforms including Spotify, iTunes  & YouTube – if you’re looking to get your music to a wider audience we’ve got you covered.

We’re also 100% FREE

We believe in power in numbers and working together to improve all our chances of greater exposure and success.

If you are willing to work with others to help us all grow together, contact us for a chance to join our trial playlist, which currently boasts more than 5,000 followers. Once you’ve been with us for a week, you’ll be eligible for our All-Star and genre-specific playlists.

Lets Get to Know The Founder Mr Ed Eagle

N.A.S Founder

Ed Eagle

Ed’s Superstition Cover

Directed by Jimmy (Wretched Pinhead Puppets) Listen to Ed Eagle on Spotify

 Watch more of Ed’s videos on the New Artist Spotlight video playlist

 Visit New Artist Spotlight Website 

Check Out New Artist Spotlight Brilliant Podcast Here

Who Are N.A.S ?

Well Lets Meet The Full Team…
Ed Eagle Founder
SovRin - Playlist Curator NAS Dance/Electronic Admin
Elion - Playlist Curator NAS R&B​ Communications
Charles - Song Reviews Design​ Website
Rod Fritz ​ - Communications
Jeff ​ - Communications
Pancham ​ - Promotions​
Mr. Oddzo ​ - Admin
Christine - Playlist Curator
Tania - Playlist Curator
Oghamyst ​- Promotions
Samuel - Playlist Curator
iconDARK ​ - Communications
Saiid - Playlist Curator
Jade - Playlist Curator
Srv-musicmaker ​ Social Media
TFM - Playlist Curator
Michael ​- Video Editor
Wilko Wilkes - Podcast Host
Nathaniel - Radio Pitching
Starzi ​ - Promotions
Ya ​ - Projects
Brad - Playlist Curator
Motion Sickness ​- Promotions
Pat ​- Promotions Admin
Plummy - Podcast Projects Admin
Jimmy ​ - Video Editor
Emerson ​ - Video Editor Design
Tom - Playlist Curator
Andres ​- Podcast Editor
Origin Crxss ​ - Podcast Host
Dorian Whisper- Communications
Liz - Social Media
Brad (MT) - Project Manager
Darren (CT) - App Development
Check Out New Artist Spotlight’s Special Spotify Playlists Here
Some Interviews and their NASapalooza Online Festival
NASapalooza 2021

On night one of NASapalooza, the New Artist Spotlight celebrates our one-year anniversary with a reflection of the past year, followed by a virtual concert with performances by: – Call Me TSkinny DippersSun State of MindKiirstin MarilynThe Racquet  – Liz JamesVelvet BlitzThe Vast OddityEd Eagle

Shellshocked Radio w/ Ed Eagle

Where new & emerging artists can collaborate and help each other to gain some footing without having to pay any dubious sources. This is truly a grassroots movement started by artists for artists, which is and will always be free.

And some more 

Vulcan Nation Season 3

 Cal U Alumni chats with MLB producer, independent musical artist, and alumnus Ed Eagle!

NAS Podcast: Season 3 Ep. 1: Ed Eagle

Co-hosts Wilko Wilkes and Origin Crxss interview NAS founder Ed Eagle about the history of New Artist Spotlight, and his new cover of the Stevie Wonder classic, “Superstition.”

N.A.S Top 20 Chart Is Taking Off Bigtime 

Click for Top 20

We (Sparky & KLJ) are happy to announce will be writing weekly articles for the N.A.S Music Family’s Top 20 Charts every Tuesday.

Check out N.A.S last weeks Top 20 Spotify show here 

For all things New Artist Spotlight check out their Website and please follow and support them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, Linkedin and Spotify on the social media icon links below…


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