Mark Storey with ‘Feed My Demons’

Song Bio

“Feed My Demons” is a song about the dark places I go to write some of my lyrics and the demons I need to “feed” to get the song done.
I first recorded the drum and bass track, built the main guitar riff around it, added Blues harp then I wrote the lyrics, recorded the vocals, produced and mixed the track before producing the promo video. 
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Mark Storey

Artist BIO


Mark Storey is a U.K.independant musician with his own unique sound which he calls dark Voodoo Blues Rock.
He writes and produces all his material in which he plays all instruments, sings all vocals and creates and cuts together promo videos for the produced and mixed tune.
Mark’s roots are in the Blues, Rhythm.n Blues and Classic Detroit RocknRoll.
He also does covers but in his own style and has taken songs like Come Together and Heartbreak Hotel and put his special dark twist on them.
He is currently producing his debut solo album.
Song Featured on Sparky’s Ten10-Diverse Show Ep 39
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