Tim Turner with ‘Down By the Waterfront’

Song Bio

“Down by the Waterfront’ was recorded at Painted Sky Studios in Cambria, California.

Tim Turner on rhythm and lead and bass guitars. Tim Novoa on drums. Recording engineer Steve Crimmel.

Lyrics by Bobby Dodd.

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Tim Turner

Artist BIO


Welcome everyone. There are many of the songs Tim has written and recorded in the studio here on this site.

The Bible says “unforeseen circumstances befall us all.” So sometimes some things simply fall under unforeseen circumstances.

When I was 11 years old I bought my first guitar.

Music just seems to find a place in almost every circumstance unforeseen or not.

I knew even at such a young age I was driven to making the sounds out of that guitar.

My first guitar was a used acoustic guitar I paid $10 for it.

Driven to learn to play it wasn’t long before I began composing different tracks and writing the lyrics for songs. 

I found myself jamming besides other players and then joining a garage band where we all met once a week.

I also played in many duo type arrangements mostly playing the rhythm and lead guitar.

I did many collaboration projects with other artists until the time came for me to be doing my own music.

I started in 2000 when I felt it was time to go into a professional studio and record songs I had written.

The first time I used only my acoustic guitar however this was a process for me as I began to record songs adding drums, bass guitar, electric guitars, keyboards and horns.

I recorded many songs over a 11 year period out of Painted Sky Studios located in the coastal town of Cambria, California.

These were long drives to get to the studio but what a great place to record.

I made many trips over many years to Painted Sky Studios working closely with my friend and recording engineer Steve Crimmel.

Local artists Michael Shimberg on bass guitar and Tim Novoa on drums would come into the studio often to lay down their tracks with mine.

I wish to thank everyone for coming by this site and spending their time listening to the music.

Song Featured on Sparky’s Ten10-OpenMic Show Ep 5
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One Love & Regards 


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