‘Natalie’ an Original by Bass Legend ‘David Pastorius’

‘Natalie’ by ‘David Pastorius’

“Natalie ” from the new Pat Travers Band album “The Art Of Time Travel”


Play through video of my song “Natalie” from the new Pat Travers Band album “The Art Of Time Travel”
Also Check Out This Studio Version


Enjoy This? Why Dont You Learn how to Play Bass Like & With The Legend


Bass Techniques with David Pastorius Lesson 1


Wasn’t that just spectacular?

Actually have a look through these other 2 amazing free bass techniques lessons from David.

Bass Techniques Lesson 2
Bass Techniques Lesson 3


Get lessons and learn in person fantastic techniques from the world class bassist David Pastorius.

Who Is David Pastorius?

For a start he is the full time bass player for the PAT TRAVERS band

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David is also the full time bass player for LOCAL 518

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Some Clients Testimonials

Robert George Vines – Bass Student In Action


A Huge Shout Out And Thank You To My Amazing Bass Instructor Mr David Pastorius Of The Pat Travers Band I’ve Only Had 6 Lessons With Him And Now I’m Playing Like This I Still Can’t Believe It Thank You David Love Robert…
Dan Carr  – Bass Student In Action


Woodshedding and incorporating the new slap stuff I’m learning. So fortunate to be taking lessons from David Pastorius. Can’t thank him enough for helping me get my slap game together.
One of Davids proudest moments was when he made the Living Legend Bumblefoot’s Dream Band – Building The Perfect Band
An In-Person Lesson with Scott Plocharczyk

How much would it cost?

Some more Infos

David has completed 2 tours with the bohemoth TECH N9NE

Click pic for TECH N9NE’s Spotify
David is the favourite artist of and is an Ambassador for the world class drawing artist Craig Darroch

Click pic for CRAIG DARROCH’s Instagram
And yes as the name suggests David is the blood nephew of the late great JACO PASTORIUS

Click for JACO PASTORIUS’s Spotify
How much were the prices again?
Learn how to play like this


Once more 
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David on the K L-J Allday Podcast
We can’t encourage enough any bass players young and old to take a lesson and become a friend of Davids

Also to Davids fans around the world please think about heading over and Support David on SubscribeStar its only $5 a month for exclusive content and a guarenteed friendship from the man himself.