‘Joanna DeGrace’ with ‘Hourglass’

Joanna DeGrace


Joanna is a Montreal nurse, wellness coach and songwriter, who released her first single Hourglass in April 2022; which subsequently played on over 40 Canadian radio stations.

Joanna wrote Hourglass along with other songs 8 years ago amidst an existential crisis.  Her priorities were brought into a new focus in 2020 after being reassigned to a hot zone to treat sick and dying patients during the pandemic, which gave her the courage and motivation to finally release her music.  

Following this wake-up call to follow her dreams as a musician, she salvaged tracks from her old computer on its last legs, and collaborated virtually with local musicians for missing drums, mixing and mastering her tracks during her days off amidst the lockdown in Montreal.

Her lyrics are  intimate and vulnerable with edge, and her style is folk-americana, with influences from David Gray, Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, Sheryl Crow and Noah Gundersen.

She has been singing since her early days in church choir, in high school musicals, in a rock band as a young adult and in most recent years as an alto in Carol Bernard’s Montreal Gospel Choir.

Joanna DeGrace- Hourglass (Official Lyric Video)

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