These Brittle Bones

Rising producer These Brittle Bones has returned with the mesmerising new single ‘Postscript’, offering a shimmering blend of synthesizers, lo-fi piano and soft beats.
This ambient instrumental demonstrates his talent for crafting musical masterpieces with an eye for detail.
Listeners will find themselves indulging in an ocean of tranquillising sounds with this new release, and the track leaves us keen to hear more from the Welsh-Singaporean musician. 
Discussing the release, These Brittle Bones says: “‘Postscript’ is the first song I’ve released in about three years, and I’ve taken my time to find the exact sound I was happy with.
I found that I was limiting myself when trying to fit words to a melody, and instead wanted to explore the expressive capacities of instrumental music, which can communicate in often very powerful ways.
In some senses then, Postscript is literally a ‘post-script’ – beyond words – but also a ‘P.S.’  – a retrospective statement, after the event, a few years after I last released music.
In other ways, it’s also inspired by a striking Seamus Heaney poem of the same name.
Heaney’s poem is rich in images of experiences that one will only encounter once in their lifetime, and I wanted to try and create a sonic landscape capturing the emotion of that poem.
To translate it beyond words.”

These Brittle Bones with Postscript

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