Soul Weep By Tina Rix

Tina Rix

The Nigerian-American singer Tina Rix deeply narrates an abusive  relationship in her new track, Soul Weep. 

Tina Rix is no stranger to  healing others; she believes in advocacy for mental health. 

Soul Weep is a healing sentiment. 

The track glides on a creeping bass, strung along  with other melancholy instruments.

When speaking about the track, Tina Rix states Soul Weep is about marriage or a relationship gone bad. 

One of the two in the relationship had narcissistic personality disorder characteristics, and the other was  an empath, highly sensitive, and over nurturing. 

It’s about an abused  person waking up, realising they need to confront the love they are  walking away from.

Listen to the full track below…


Soul Weep By Tina Rix

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