Sparky & KLJ Are Now Ambassador’s For WeGetArtists !!

Who Is Our New Very Special Movie Mogul Partner ‘Barry Coffing’ & His Company WeGetArtists ?
Check Out His Presentation On Our 6th Ever Podcast Episode 
Some Of Barry’s Clients
Some More Exciting Information
Mr Coffing Receives Hundreds Of Emails Every Day – To Guarentee Having Your Email Opened Use The Names Sparky or KLJ In Subject As It Will Save You Time & We Can You On A Show To Meet Barry In Person Etc…
Episode 13 of The K L-J Allday Podcast 
KLJ’s 1st Interview With The Legendary Barry Coffing
For all things Barry Coffing please check out his websites here in blue
Music Supervisor . Com
We Get Artists . Com
and follow him on the social media icon links below…
Marky (Sparky) Laird
Music Family Magazine / Website
Kirsty Leslie-Jones

By Sparky

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