Steve Andrews with Climb Through A Rainbow

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“Climb Through A Rainbow” by Steve Andrews was inspired by a visit to his friend Misty Ardouin’s award-winning Nestlings Nursery in Cardiff.

It is an acoustic pop song that would be ideal for a film or TV series for children, but can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

We all have a child within.

It is a happy ditty about beauty and having fun. Jayce Lewis produced “Climb Through A Rainbow” at Northstone Studios in Bridgend.

The music video was created by 12 Inch Media, and the artwork for this song is a painting by Fay Brotherhood.

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Steve Andrews

Artist BIO


Steve Andrews is a singer-songwriter, author and activist, originally from Cardiff but now based in Portugal.

He’s also known as the Bard of Ely, a title he was given by Big Issue magazine when he was a columnist for the publication. 

He’s performed at the Green Man and Glastonbury Festivals and was an MC at both events. In 2017, he was a finalist in the Best Solo Act category of the Cardiff Music Awards, and was featured on the Britain’s Got Talent TV show the same year.

He is listed as a “Famous Cardiffian,” and is well-known for wearing a bright green beard. 

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