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Gabrielle Metz bares her vulnerable side in her cover of Ingrid Andress’ ‘More Hearts Than Mine’.
The song’s lyrics speak about all the exciting small steps taken in a new relationship.
If they were to break your heart, they’d be breaking a lot more hearts than just one.
If there was ever a perfect cover song for Metz, this is it. 
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Gabrielle’s version fronts her natural talent: her voice.
From the beginning of the simplistic, sultry piano melody (Damon Fichter, Nashville, TN) to her final breath at the conclusion of the last chorus, audiences can expect to be on the edge of their seats, eager to hear more of what Gabrielle has up her sleeve.
Not only does this song showcase her beautiful range and vocal inflections, but it also conveniently brings to light her attention to the vocal details paired with her ability to transition into character in order to correctly convey the emotional experience of this song.
There is simply no denying that Gabrielle’s tender rendition of ‘ More Hearts Than Mine’ is recognizably one for the books. 
 “The first time I listened to Ingrid’s song, I was immediately transported into her world and felt a deep connection to the lyrics. 
I typically don’t record covers but I have been itching to record a version of this song since 2019.
Songs like this are what made me want to do music to begin with.”  – Gabrielle Metz
Music has a beautiful way of uniting people from all walks of life through shared experiences.
Metz releases this song just in time for the holiday season, when most people will be going through this exact experience.
A tender and intimate take on an already amazing song. 

Gabrielle Metz with More Hearts Than Mine

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