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One of the first songs written by Nick Scrase when The Terraplanes were formed in 2013, The Rambler, released as a single August 3rd 2020 is the trademark sound of the band with it’s hi energy groove.
The connection between drums and bass guitar drive this track as it compliments the big sound of guitar and harmonica.
Lyrics based around a man travelling from town to town looking for a place to call home.
The lyrical themes of The Terraplanes songs are steeped in blues history with references to taking the night train to new places with your guitar on your back.
A journey many of the early blues men made from small towns heading for the big cities such as Chicago or Memphis to make a life as a musician if they could.
The Rambler has been part of the bands live show ever since and was the third single release from the critically acclaimed E.P Midnight Train (released May 2020)
Directed and Edited by Nick Scrase and Produced by The Terraplanes.
The third single to come from the Midnight Train E.P released in May 2020

Lets All Sing Along To The Rambler

Well she woke up this morning
Devilment in mind
Standing in her neglegee 
With evil in her eyes
Well I tried so hard to tell her
She screamed the whole place down
I jumped out the window and 
I walked in out of town
That’s why they call me the rambler 
That’s why they call me the rambler
That’s why they call me the rambler and I
Move from town to town
I went to the gypsy
To get my fortune told
Told her ’bout the woman that’s trying
To steal my jelly roll
Well I tried so hard to change
Til I broke my while self down
I strapped on my boots
And I walked on out of town
I might just get to walking
May hop on the train
Places that I rest my head
Ain’t never the same
That’s why they call me the rambler
That’s why they call me the rambler 
That’s why they call me the rambler and I
Move from town to town
I got me a woman
I’m every single town
Doors are always open
Every time I come around
Well they call me the rambler
I got rambling on my mind
Yes they call me the rambler
I got rambling on my mind
Well I’m the midnight rambler I got
Rambling on my mind.
Who are The Terraplanes ?
Highway 61 – The Terraplanes Blues Band

​T H E   B R A N D   N E W   S I N G L E

Release date 29th January 2022

“The Terraplanes are an extraordinary blues band!”
– Blues Matters Magazine

​Hailing from Bristol UK, The Terraplanes Blues Band have established themselves as a force on the UK blues scene. Following their first show in London (Gaz Mayall’s Rockin’ Blues Club, Soho) and appearance at The Radford Mill Festival Of Rhythm & Blues, the band headed to the studio this summer to record their first full album. 12 original tracks full of swagger and style, reminiscent of the British R’n’B boom of the 1960’s.

​The first single to come from the album is Highway 61, a perfect follow on from the authentic sound of their breakthrough E.P Midnight Train. Highway 61 is a heavy blues number with a raw, gritty vocal performance by frontman Nick Scrase alongside his solid guitar line that carries the song, accompanied ably by the rhythm section of Andrew Wood (bass) and Tom Turner (drums). The efforvescent Eduardo Allen complimenting the groove with masterful strains on the blues harmonica brings it all together in this song about ecsaping your surroundings. The sound of The Terraplanes is so fresh but also so reminiscent of the old blues bands, it’s easy to see why they are one of the most exciting blues bands around.

​Formed in 2013 as a duo, Nick and Eduardo expanded the band to a 4 piece in 2014. The chemistry between the two founding members is the driving force of the band and their reputation as a formidable live act continues to grow. Under the wing of MAS records, a scheme with patrons like Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant, the band gained mentorship and guidance in helping them achieve their goals. The Terraplanes have been on the rise ever since.

​2021 began with the release of their fifth single Catfish, the final single to come from the critically acclaimed debut E.P Midnight Train which was the tenth most played album in 2020 on the UK Independent Blues Broadcasters Association (IBBA) chart.

All five singles have been featured on BBC upload shows.

​”A brilliant band full of energy and hard hitting traditional blues vibes..I love It!”

– Adam Crowther, BBC Upload

​Full page interviews in prestigious blues publications as “Blues In Britain” and “Blues Matters” magazines have now cemented the bands position at the forefront of the UK blues scene.

​With regular live shows happening again, this foursome are hoping to tour the album around the country and hit the blues festival circuit in 2022.

​Singer Nick Scrase – “We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved so far and really excited about our plans for the future”
Top Talent Promotions

We are honoured to say that The Terraplanes are playing a Top Talent Live Hour concert hosted by us Sparky & KLJ in early 2022 and you can Nick streaming live every wednesday at 11.00am UK time from their Facebook Page.

For all things The Terraplanes please check out their Website, and follow and support them on BandCamp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify on the social media icon links below….

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